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We accelerate energy efficiency

A thoughtful, rigorous energy code is the unsung hero of carbon reduction for buildings in NYC and New York State.

Accelerate energy efficiency

Urban Green Council plays an essential role in crafting impactful commercial and residential energy codes and in helping to ensure compliance through industry-leading training for designers and other building professionals throughout the state. 

Our impact on the code started in 2009, with our work on passing the city’s Greener, Greater Buildings Plan, the most comprehensive set of energy efficiency laws in the nation. For the first time, NYC would have its own more stringent code modeled on the state code–and increased staff to enforce it. Urban Green was a key advisor then, and we’ve advised for the 2016 and 2020 code cycles too.

The 2023 version will be even more stringent, leading up to a performance-based code in 2025. This means that buildings will need to design to a performance target, not a checklist of improvements.

Our advice and advocacy are underpinned by Urban Green’s 12-plus years of award-winning energy code training for practitioners throughout New York State, increasing compliance and aligning with changes required by Local Law 97 in New York City.

What’s New in the 2020 Energy Code?

NYC's forward-thinking energy code is a critical building block for a low-carbon future.


We educate building professionals

We train people who design, construct and operate buildings locally and nationally.


Explore NYC’s building data

The latest analysis of NYC's building energy and water use data.


Energy code training

Energy code training

Urban Green offers essential training on how to understand and comply with the New York City and State Energy Codes. Since 2010, we’ve trained over 13,000 design and building professionals!