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All-electric new buildings law

With Local Law 154, NYC will become the largest city in the world to phase fossil fuels out of new construction.

Mayor Bill DeBlasio signs Local Law 154
NYC Mayor Bill DeBlasio signs Local Law 154 on Dec. 22, 2021

In December 2021, the New York City Council passed legislation to phase fossil fuels out of new construction starting in 2024.

This law means new buildings, with few exceptions, will be all-electric and emit less carbon, all while improving local air quality and making occupants more comfortable.

We helped shape the law, including as lead witness testifying at the City Council hearing in November 2021. Read our written testimony to see how our recommendations were incorporated into the final law. For a closer look at the law and its implementation timeline, read our summary. And make sure to read our Grid Ready report to see how NYC’s grid can support this large-scale transformation to all-electric buildings.

LL154 Summary

What does Local Law 154 do?

  1. Sets CO2 limits that effectively prohibit fossil fuel systems in new buildings and gut renovations
  2. Phases in requirements starting with lower-rise buildings in 2024 and taller buildings in mid-2027
  3. Allows more time for affordable housing and hot water systems in buildings other than one- and two-family homes
  4. Includes exceptions where required for select uses like manufacturing, hospitals and restaurants

Implementation timeline

Requirements phase in over five and a half years, allowing time for the market to ramp up with more products, training and design strategies.

LL154 Timeline

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Download the Local Law 154 summary

Click here for a breakdown of the law’s highlights and impact.