We drive innovative policy

Urban Green has been a driving force behind New York’s green building policy for over a decade.

We drive innovative policy

Our policy work drives green building progress in New York City and State. Bringing together a deep understanding of building energy and carbon performance, our efforts have helped transform NYC’s building policies to be among the most efficient and resilient in the nation.

Our policy recommendations are grounded in data and informed by engagement with a variety of stakeholders, including building owners and operators, designers and engineers, energy management experts, environmental justice leaders, advocacy organizations, elected officials, and administrative agencies.

Below, you can explore how our policy work has transformed New York.

Since 2010,


We’ve shaped 90+ laws and regulations


We’ve convened 450+ groups to inform policy

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What's new energy code

What’s New in the 2020 NYC Energy Code

September 27, 2023

This free online class, tailored for design and building professionals, covers the major updates to the 2020 NYCECC and how they relate to Local Law 97.

Crushing the Code NYC: Commercial

September 28, 2023

Learn more about the 2020 NYCECC requirements to create more energy-efficient buildings in this full-day online course for building professionals.