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Future-Proofing New Construction

Hear from industry experts about how you can make your building resilient to future codes and regulations.

Published June 29, 2023

What does it mean to future-proof your construction project? Developers, designers and builders are constantly tasked with designing our built environment amid new regulations and a changing climate.

Join Urban Green Council and NYC Accelerator to learn about resources available to help the new construction community navigate compliance requirements under Local Laws 92/94, 97 and 154, and future energy codes. Learn from industry experts about design practices and cutting-edge technology to future-proof your building for regulations and codes. We’ll connect you to resources to help you comply with current and future requirements and contribute to a sustainable future for NYC.

This event was co-hosted with NYC Accelerator

NYC Accelerator

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Michael Berry
New Buildings, NYC Accelerator

Michael Berry has over 25 years of experience in the construction and energy efficiency field. As the New Building NYC Accelerator lead, he applies his experience managing and providing subject matter expertise on utility funded residential and commercial new construction and heating & cooling programs to ensure the highest level of technical assistance and training. Michael has also assisted on the adoption of new energy/stretch codes, managed federally funded weatherization programs, launched storm recovery and income eligible programs.

Joe Chavez
Deputy Director, NYC Mayor’s Office of Climate and Environmental Justice

Joe Chavez is the Deputy Director, Resilient & Efficient Buildings at the NYC Mayor’s Office of Climate & Environmental Justice where he leads the City’s efforts to drive the built environment to unprecedented decarbonization, energy efficiency and resiliency standards. He is focused on the development and implementation of buildings-related policies and programs, and collaboration with multiple stakeholders to advance the City’s climate and environmental justice goals.

Sam Mason
Director of Decarbonization, CodeGreen

Sam brings extensive experience in existing building HVAC operations and retrofits, whole building energy modeling, and integrated project delivery. He has an in-depth understanding of the energy flows and interactions in buildings and how to model complex processes for future operations. He also has experience coordinating with design teams to optimize building system controls and integrate financial analysis and planning into building operations.

Crystal Ng
Senior Associate, Director of Sustainability, Curtis + Ginsberg Architects

Passionate about the capacity of low-carbon design to help build a more equitable society, Crystal Ng is Director of Sustainability at Curtis+Ginsberg Architects. She leads many of the firm’s Passive House and LEED projects and directs C+GA’s commitment to meeting the AIA 2030 Challenge. She was recognized as one of Crain’s 2023 Notable Leaders in Sustainability.  Her work to advance high performance design directly contributed to C+GA’s 2021 Ivory Prize for Innovation in Affordable Housing. Crystal has degrees in architecture and urban design from Columbia University and the University of Southern California and currently teaches in the Building Energy Exchange’s Passive House Primer Program.

Jennifer Urrutia
Project Manager, Lendlease

Jennifer Urrutia is a Project Manager at Lendlease currently working on a new construction project that is in year 4 and on target to meet substantial completion in 2023. Jennifer leverages her 10+ year background in sustainability and integrates best practices into the day to day construction management of subcontractors with the goal of streamlining sustainability into construction practices. While new codes are going into effect when a project is underway, Jennifer is committed to taking action towards reducing the projects energy, waste and water consumption, when feasible, as a means to support not only Lendlease’s commitment towards being absolute zero carbon by 2040 but also the client. Lendlease is proactive with decarbonizing the impacts induced from construction activity and aims to influence actions as standard practice.