In our effort to build a more sustainable city, Urban Green is committed to training architects, engineers, building owners and managers, tradespeople and other professionals in the latest developments and best practices for creating and maintaining sustainable buildings. Urban Green Council offers relevant, comprehensive educational opportunities across a range of industry sectors:

GPRO: A comprehensive national training and certificate program for trades and contractors. Modules include Operations and Maintenance, Plumbing, Electrical Systems, Construction Management and HVACR.

Conquer the Energy Code: Essential training on how to comply and get the most out of New York State’s energy code for architects and engineers.

NYC Local Law 87 & 88 Training: User-friendly seminars that show owners and managers how to comply with NYC requirements for audits, retrocomissioning, lighting upgrades and sub-metering.

Resource Library: Browse through our research reports, event recaps, blog posts and more.