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Multifamily buildings and LL97

Retrofitting multifamily buildings is vital to achieving NYC’s climate targets.

  • Multifamily buildings are the most common building type covered under LL97.
  • Improving current building systems, doubling down on energy efficiency upgrades and investing in electrification are all important retrofit strategies for these buildings.

Multifamily properties account for 18,000 of the roughly 27,000 properties covered under LL97. These properties are either a single building or a group of buildings on a lot, and many of them share similar characteristics. In fact, over 70 percent of multifamily properties covered by LL97 are seven stories or less, and more than half of them were built before 1940.

There is no doubt that achieving the emissions reductions mandated by LL97 will require a major mobilization of in-building retrofit work and the associated workforce. Read about some of the most common retrofit projects for older multifamily buildings by clicking on each tile below. Then, look through a few retrofit case studies designed to get example multifamily buildings to their 2030 LL97 limits. 

This interactive data hub is made possible with generous support from Carrier