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Building energy grades

Which NYC buildings are making the grade with energy efficiency?

  • Offices are the best-performing major building typology with more than 60 percent of them receiving an A or B grade.
  • Energy Star scores take into account some non-energy use factors that can impact a building’s total energy use.  

New York City’s Building Energy Grade Law seeks to boost energy efficiency efforts by making all New Yorkers aware of building energy use. Buildings receive a Building Energy Efficiency Rating every year based on their ENERGY STAR score, which is an EPA program that ranks the energy performance of buildings by comparing them to similar buildings with the same primary use nationwide.

Energy Star scores are based primarily on energy use but include additional factors. For example, multifamily scores are adjusted for bedroom density, offices for worker density and hotels for guest room density. While an Energy Star score is not directly tied to greenhouse gas emissions, data show that, overall, better letter grades correspond to lower carbon intensities in benchmarked properties.

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