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Unearthing geothermal energy

Published April 10, 2024

To decarbonize New York City buildings, heating systems reliant on fossil fuels must be replaced with sustainable alternatives. In this episode of Building Tomorrow, Brightcore’s Jonathan Hernandez joins Urban Green’s Ellen Honigstock to discuss geothermal energy and how it can be expanded in NYC to decarbonize buildings and make them more resilient. 

Listen in as they dive into the geothermal industry, and how new policies and technologies are making the installation of more ground source heat pump systems possible.


Jonathan Hernandez
Director of Business Development for Geothermal at Brightcore Energy

Jonathan Hernandez is Director of Business Development for Geothermal at Brightcore Energy in New York and has worked in geothermal energy development since 2010 after graduating from UCLA in Engineering and Geology.  At Brightcore, he serves as a geoscientific and development expert for geothermal projects by leveraging his extensive field and consulting experience.  He began his career in geothermal power projects, working throughout North America, Central and South America, Southeast Asia, East Africa, and the Caribbean. Jonathan has supervised field exploration surveys and geothermal drilling projects, as well as presented lectures and published papers in English and Spanish.  

In all his work, he leverages geothermal science and engineering to mitigate project risks, provide stakeholder transparency, and maximize value throughout the critical path.

Ellen Honigstock
Senior Director, Education, Urban Green Council

Ellen Honigstock oversees the development of Urban Green’s Public Programs. She is also responsible for developing the curriculum for Urban Green’s signature programs, including GPRO and Crushing the Code. Ellen has 28 years of experience as an architect and volunteered for Urban Green for several years before joining the staff, where she served as the first Residential Green Building Advocate for Urban Green Council, working to increase green building and LEED for Homes certification in the New York residential marketplace, and as a committee chair of the Green Codes Task Force. Ellen is a co-founder of Solarize Brooklyn and Sustainable Kensington Windsor Terrace.