Green Building Roadmap (2017)

Recommendations for New York’s Mayoral candidates

Collaborating with the Real Estate Board of New York, 32BJ SEIU and AIA New York, we produced the following recommendations for New York City’s Mayoral candidates. Following this roadmap will help ensure NYC maintains its national leadership on climate change by upgrading its buildings, training its workforce and streamlining energy efficiency.

Recommendations for candidates

  1. Upgrade buildings
  2. Train the workforce
  3. Streamline energy efficiency

Upgrade buildings

Building upgrades keep jobs and money in the city while making the places where we live, learn and work more comfortable, healthy and resilient. NYC should chart a path for long-term carbon reductions, setting a course for all big cities. It’s time for NYC to say goodbye to drafts, clanging pipes and flickering lights.

Train the workforce

A highly trained workforce means buildings that are better designed, constructed and operated. It means local jobs that command higher salaries and exportable design and development skills.

Streamline energy efficiency

Regulation isn’t the only path to unlocking more healthy and energy-efficient buildings. We can also make upgrades easier and standards smarter. We can provide better access to financing and energy-efficient products.

Download the Green Building Roadmap (2017)

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