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Blueprint for Efficiency

A groundbreaking framework to cut carbon in NYC’s large buildings.

Original publication by Urban Green Council • August 15, 2018

Created through the 80×50 Buildings Partnership, a collaboration of New York City’s leading building and energy stakeholders, this report calls for a 20 percent reduction in energy use by 2030, bringing the building sector closer to the target of 80×50.

Blueprint for Efficiency was incorporated into Local Law 97 in 2019, and is a comprehensive guide to meeting carbon emissions targets in a cost-effective way, beneficial for both the community and the major figures in the building and energy sectors. This report contains twenty-one proposals on how to positively shape energy performance policy in NYC and across the globe.

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The Blueprint calls for…

  1. A 20 percent reduction in energy use in the building sector over ten years;
  2. A metric-based Energy Star calibrated to NYC building data;
  3. All energy sources regulated together, with more efficient buildings having smaller reduction requirements;
  4. Several different ways to comply with the new standards, such as green power purchase and efficiency credit trading;
  5. A serious investment in financially assisting building owners to comply with the new standards

Download the Blueprint for Efficiency

Click here to read the report PDF.

Download the detailed proposals

Read the Partnership’s entire 21-point plan to reduce NYC building energy use.