GPRO Electrical

Dive into the latest innovations in the electrical industry and how to increase efficiency and cost savings.

Electrician in yellow hardhat

GPRO Electrical digs into how innovations in the electrical industry can increase efficiency and cut costs. New technologies and practices are compared to conventional approaches, allowing participants to understand their direct role in improving building performance. GPRO Electrical is ideal for a range of professionals in the electrical industry including subcontractors, installers and technicians.

This 7 to 8 hour certificate course can be scheduled to meet the needs of your organization. To earn a GPRO Electrical certificate, students must pass a 25-question multiple-choice exam.

What students learn

  • Economic opportunities for the electrical industry
  • The role of electrical systems within the “whole-building” approach
  • Improving efficiencies in lighting and HVAC
  • New technologies for distributed generation
  • Using benchmarking and other tools to maintain building performance
  • The electrician’s role in the building commissioning process
  • Retrofitting existing buildings with energy-efficient technologies
  • Green bidding issues for electricians

Continuing education credits

GPRO Mechanical qualifies for 6 AIA and GBCI credits.