Spending Through the Roof

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$11 million lost through the roof annually

Vents built into elevator shafts leak enough warm air throughout winter to fill the Empire State Building 29,000 times over.

In Spending Through the Roof, researched by Steven Winter Associates, we look at why so much air is lost through these vents, offer ways to estimate the impact, and provide clear advice on how to close or reduce their size to save energy—up to 16% of heating fuel is spent on leaked air—and money. See coverage in the New York Times to find out more.

Read about ways to fix the problem in the recap of our panel discussion with building managers, operators and energy experts.


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1. How tall is your building?6

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2. How would you describe your
building's surroundings?

3. Is your building tight or typical?

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5. Building operation details

A. How many elevator shaft vents
does your building have?1

1 10

B. What is the area of each vent (assume all
vents are equal size)?6

1 Square Ft. 50 Square Ft.

C. What is the percent of open space for each vent?

D. What is the primary fuel for your heating system?

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Each situation is unique, so your energy savings and payback period may be higher or lower than calculated here.

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