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Going Electric: Retrofitting NYC’s Multifamily Buildings

To achieve a low-carbon future, we’ll need to transition our buildings from burning fossil fuels to using electricity for heating and hot water. This process, known as electrification, will bring a heating revolution to the New York City multifamily building sector and requires an equally comprehensive effort from the city government and industry. 

For our 2020 report, Going Electric: Retrofitting NYC’s Multifamily Buildings, we consulted with more than 40 advisors from the real estate, energy efficiency, HVAC manufacturing, utility and government sectors to learn why so few multifamily buildings have invested in these retrofits and what must be done to change this trajectory.

This event examines the report findings, including identifying primary barriers for multifamily buildings to invest in retrofits and nine steps to address these barriers in the next five years.  

Published May 7, 2020


Kelly Dougherty
Vice President, Energy Management, FirstService Energy
Donovan Gordon
Director, Clean Heating & Cooling, NYSERDA
Sean Brennan
Associate Director, Research, Urban Green Council
Christopher Raup
Director, State Regulatory Affairs, Con Edison
John Mandyck (Moderator)
CEO, Urban Green Council

Going Electric

Electrification will be a multi-decade process. Going Electric identifies nine next steps to jumpstart electrification in multifamily buildings.


We advance electrification

We're helping set the stage for electrification in NYC through our research, policy and education.


Greening the grid

Making New York’s electric grid less reliant on fossil fuels will require changes to electricity generation, transmission and distribution.