The Next Frontier for Energy-Efficient Products

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Our latest report, The Next Frontier for Energy-Efficient Products, identifies technologies that the New York construction market can use today—and digs into why they aren’t on the market already. 

To ensure better alignment between their building product research & development and industry demand, NYSERDA engaged Urban Green Council to conduct a technology needs assessment within the building industry. Over the last two years, we have identified and refined product ideas through surveys, focus groups, energy analyses and interviews with manufacturers. We gathered feedback from a broad audience of industry professionals to assess potential product demand and feasibility in the New York market.

Six product ideas rose to the top based on likely demand, ease of implementation and cost-effectiveness for buildings in New York:

  1. Advanced unitized curtain wall
  2. Packaged condensing boiler for heat and hot water
  3. Split heat pump designed for PTAC openings
  4. Super-efficient modular cooling for commercial space
  5. Insulated wrap for existing balconies and slab edges
  6. Low-conductivity shelf angles for masonry wall

For details on these products as well as the process, download the report below. In addition to revealing market opportunities, this research is our first step toward creating better communication between multiple stakeholders: building designers, owners, operators and manufacturers. We hope to continue this work by soliciting new product recommendations from industry on an ongoing basis and communicating this information back to manufacturers, with the ultimate goal of better, more efficient technologies in New York buildings.