Greening the NYC Grid







With the closing of the Indian Point nuclear power plant underway, New York City’s electrical power will become largely fossil-fuel-based until renewables come online in a meaningful way. At the same time, the stringent carbon caps set by Local Law 97 directly link buildings to that grid. As owners, operators and designers map out energy retrofits, they now have a stake in when and how renewables get to NYC.


In 2018, fossil fuel generators supplied two-thirds of the city’s electricity. After Indian Point nuclear plant completely shuts down in 2021, fossil fuels will provide almost all of NYC's power until additional renewables come online.

Cleaning the grid will require dramatic changes to electricity generation, transmission and distribution to NYC buildings, all while maintaining grid reliability. Urban Green is working to bring this challenge front and center and has a range of go-to resources to help you understand our changing grid.


Grid Brief