NYC Green Codes Proposal Tracker

Category Task Force Proposal Resources Status
Environmental Protection as Fundamental Principle of the Construction Codes Implemented
Fully Enforce NYC's Construction Codes Implemented
Don't Exempt Existing Buildings from Green Codes In progress
Reconvene the Green Codes Task Force Proposed
Consolidate Regulation of Landscape Practices Proposed
Streamline Approvals for Green Technologies & Projects Implemented
Enhance Code Training for Architects & Engineers In progress
Create & Use 2080 Flood Map Based on Climate Change Predictions Proposed
Safeguard Toxic Materials Stored in Flood Zones Implemented
Study Adaptive Strategies to Flooding Implemented
Study Adaptive Strategies to Non-Flood Climatic Risks Implemented
Forecast Non-Flood Climatic Hazards to 2080 Implemented
Analyze Strategies to Maintain Habitability During Power Outages Implemented
Ensure Toilets & Sinks Can Operate During Blackouts Implemented
Enhance Building Water Supply During Blackouts Proposed
Include Climate Change in Environmental Impact Statements Proposed
Improve Energy Modeling for Building Design Proposed
Improve Analysis of Heating & Cooling Needs During Design Proposed
Assess Co-generation Feasibility in Large Buildings Proposed
Improve Energy & Water Efficiency upon Sale of Residences Proposed
Improve Efficiency of Boilers & Heating Distribution Systems Proposed
Increase Efficiency of Large Cooling Systems Proposed
Increase Lighting Efficiency in Apartment Buildings Implemented
Encourage Installation of Energy Star Appliances Proposed
Improve Operation of Dryers in Apartment Buildings Proposed
Reduce Overheating in Apartments Proposed
Turn Off Equipment in Empty Hotel Rooms Proposed
Provide Ventilation Air Only as Needed in Large Spaces Proposed
Use Manual On - Auto Off Lighting Implemented
Limit After-Hours Retail Lighting Proposed
Reduce Artificial Lighting in Sunlit Lobbies & Hallways Implemented
Increase Lighting Efficiency on Construction Sites Implemented
Use Outdoor Air for Cooling Implemented
Use Waste Heat from ConEd Steam Proposed
Insulate Pipes Exposed During Construction Implemented
Clarify Standards for Equipment Venting Proposed
Modernize Boiler Regulations Proposed
Reduce Lighting Power Requirements for Office Proposed
Reduce CO2 Emissions Due to Concrete Proposed
Reduce CO2 Emissions from Specialized Concrete Implemented
Ensure New Energy Systems Function Properly Implemented
Ensure Lighting Systems Function Properly Implemented
Reduce Leakage from Air Ducts Proposed
Expand Boiler Efficiency Testing & Tuning Implemented
Simplify Commercial Energy Code to Current ASHRAE 90.1 Proposed
Build New Homes to Energy Star Standard Proposed
Limit Heat Loss Through Exterior Walls Proposed
Promote Super-Insulated Exterior Walls Implemented
Allow External Insulation Beyond Zoning Limits Implemented
Increase Allowable Size of Solar Shades Implemented
Minimize Air Leakage through Buildings Exteriors Implemented
Provide Window Screens to Encourage Natural Ventilation Proposed
Ensure Operable Windows in Residential Buildings Proposed
Reduce Artificial Lighting in Sunlit Spaces Proposed
Reduce Summer Heat with Cool Roofs Implemented
Reduce Summer Heat with Cool, Shady Building Lots Proposed
Clarify Standards for Attaching Rooftop Solar Panels Proposed
Allow Large Solar Rooftop Installations Implemented
Remove Zoning Impediments to Alternative Energy Implemented
Remove Landmarks Impediments to Alternative Energy Implemented
Allow Use of Biofuels Implemented
Re-tune Large Buildings Every Seven Years Implemented
Measure Electricity Use in Tenant Spaces Implemented
Train Building Operators in Energy Efficiency Proposed
Automate Tracking of Building Energy Use Proposed
Inspect & Maintain Commercial HVAC Systems Proposed
Establish Maximum Heating & Minimum Cooling Temperatures Proposed
Limit Harmful Emissions from Carpets Implemented
Limit Harmful Emissions from Paints and Glues Proposed
Restrict Cancer-Causing Formaldehyde in Building Materials Implemented
Keep Street Contaminants Out of Buildings Proposed
Filter Soot from Incoming Air Implemented
Ensure Ventilation Airflow in Residences Proposed
Reduce Mold in Bathrooms Implemented
Improve Air Quality During & After Construction Proposed
Phase Out Dirty Boiler Fuels Implemented
Phase Out Toxic & Inefficient Light Fixture Components Proposed
Convene Task Force on Recycling Fluorescent Light Bulbs Proposed
Reduce Oversize Batteries in Emergency Lighting Proposed
Treat Corrosive Concrete Wastewater Implemented
Reduce "Red Tape" for Asbestos Removal Implemented
Allow Stairway Use Proposed
Encourage Stairway Use with Transparent Doors Proposed
Promote Stair Use Through Signage Proposed
Encourage Stairway Use by Holding Doors Open Implemented
Provide Zoning Bonus for Inviting Staircases Proposed
Increase Availability of Drinking Fountains Implemented
Recycle Construction Waste Proposed
Provide Recycling Areas in Apartment Buildings Implemented
Use Recycled Aggregate in Concrete Proposed
Use Recycled Asphalt Implemented
Protect Forests by Using Sustainable Wood Proposed
Reduce Excessive Paving of Sites In progress
Reduce Stormwater Runoff from New Developments Implemented
Reduce Stormwater Runoff from Construction Sites Proposed
Send Rainwater to Waterways Implemented
Encourage Innovative Stormwater Practices Implemented
Maintain Site-Based Stormwater Detention Systems Implemented
Analyze Strategies to Reduce Stormwater Runoff from Existing Developments Proposed
Increase Biodiversity in Public Landscapes Implemented
Increase Biodiversity in Sidewalk Plantings Proposed
Construct Sustainable Sidewalks In progress
Preserve "100-Year Old" Trees Proposed
Protect Street Trees From Construction Activities Proposed
Enhance Water Efficiency Standards Implemented
Upgrade Inefficient Toilets, Showerheads & Faucets During Renovations Proposed
Catch Leaks by Measuring Water Use Implemented
Facilitate Use of Recycled Water Proposed
Reduce Use of Drinking Water to Clean Sidewalks Proposed
Stop Wasting Drinking Water for Cooling Implemented
Reuse Water from ConEd Steam Proposed