Conquering the Energy Code: Call for Instructors

Are you an architect or engineer? Do you care about energy use in buildings? Are you concerned about the environment? Are you a dedicated building performance professional? Then become a qualified Urban Green Instructor for Conquering the Code, a new energy code training course for architects and engineers.

Urban Green Council, the New York affiliate of the U.S. Green Building Council, is seeking passionate and qualified building professionals to teach energy code courses throughout the state of New York. Conquering the Code will translate and demystify the Energy Conservation Construction Code of New York State (ECCCNYS)—and the International Energy Conservation Code on which it is based - to help architects and engineers:

  • Design better buildings that use energy more efficiently
  • Articulate the new ECCCNYS to clients and colleagues
  • Encourage code compliance among architects and engineers

Urban Green Council is known for creating and delivering highly engaging and impactful green building courses to a range of professionals locally and nationally. A big part of our success is our cadre of dedicated, well-trained instructors who combine their technical expertise, industry know-how and commitment to sustainability with great communications skills.

About Conquering the Code

Two versions of Conquering the Code are being offered by Urban Green and funded by NYSERDA.

  • Conquering the Energy Code for Residential Architects
  • Conquering the Energy Code for Commercial Architects and Engineers

Each course is eight hours in length and will be available throughout New York State. The curriculum uses innovative approaches to engage students, including a mix of media and hands-on activities and demonstrations. The program is more dynamic than a typical PowerPoint-only lecture-style presentation, and focuses on active ways that architects and engineers can incorporate the energy code more seamlessly into their practice. One course is targeted toward residential architects and the other toward commercial architects and engineers. Applicants may apply to teach one or both of the courses. See Appendix A for course outlines.

Geographic Considerations

Urban Green is seeking instructors from every region of the state. The regions are defined as New York City, Upstate, Western New York and Long Island. Because some of the Upstate training locations are geographically spread out, instructors in those areas may need to travel a greater distance to course delivery sites. Urban Green will make every effort to minimize instructor travel, and travel costs will be reimbursed within standard guidelines.



  • At least five years of professional experience as an architect or as an engineer, with specific experience designing commercial, institutional, industrial, single-family, and/or multi-family buildings that exceed energy code requirements
  • A passion for sustainability, knowledge of green building practices and willingness to further your expertise in the field of sustainability
  • A recommendation from an appropriate individual familiar with your presentation skills


  • Experience reviewing project documents related to IECC 2012 or IECC 2009 (or their ASHRAE equivalents)
  • Energy modeling experience in energy code analysis relative to IECC 2012 or IECC 2009 (or their ASHRAE equivalents)
  • Prior participation on technical committees charged with determining code language and parameters
  • Adult education and/or professional development experience

Application Process

Candidates who meet the qualifications listed above and wish to apply may do so by going to, filling out the form and including the required attachments by May 31, 2015. Application instructions are as follows:

  1. Complete all fields of the application form.
  2. Upload your resume.
  3. Attach a written recommendation from someone who is familiar with your teaching skills or presentation of complex material in a group setting.


All Conquering the Code instructors will receive $1,000 per eight-hour course and will be reimbursed for travel costs under standard guidelines. Instructors will not be compensated for attending the Instructor Training course, but will be reimbursed for travel.

Course Format

Courses last eight hours and may be delivered in eight, four and two hour formats. Instructors will be required to provide their own transportation to and from course locations established by Urban Green, and will provide their own computer, phone, and data storage devices necessary to view materials and maintain communications with Urban Green. Other Delivery Partners will provide projection equipment and classroom space.

Selection Process

Once Urban Green has received and reviewed all applications, qualified instructors may be contacted for a brief pre-training interview regarding experience and information listed in their application.

All instructors serve as independent contractors to Urban Green, providing instruction services as outlined in this RFQ and a related Instructor Agreement. Successful applicants must participate in at least one teacher training course for each of the courses for which they have been selected to teach (locations and dates to be announced). Instructors will not be approved without successfully participating in the training sessions, as determined by Urban Green and the program’s Master Trainers.

Urban Green makes no guarantee as to the number of classes that instructors will teach if selected. Each instructor is expected to commit to teaching a minimum of six courses per year for a minimum of two years as scheduled by Urban Green and our Delivery Partners. Urban Green, in conjunction with Delivery Partners, will monitor and audit courses, and Urban Green reserves the right to de- certify instructors at any time.


Urban Green will review all responses received by May 31, 2015. Instructor training sessions will be scheduled in late June and July (dates to be announced), and instructors may receive their first assignment as early as late July or early August 2015. No instructor will receive an assignment until an Instructor Agreement is signed by both parties, and Urban Green has received a W-9 form for the instructor.

For questions, please email


Appendix A

Simplified Course Outline: Conquering the Code Please note that Part A is the same for both the residential and the commercial courses, and Part B is distinctive for each.


Part A

Chapter 1. Why are we here?

Chapter 2. Building Science

Chapter 3. Compliance Paths

Chapter 4. Existing Buildings: Additions, Alterations, and Repairs

Chapter 5. Roles, Responsibilities, and Communication

Chapter 6. NYS vs. NYC: Present and Future

Part B

Chapter 7. Compliance

Chapter 8: Mandatory Provisions

Chapter 9: Prescriptive Path: Building Thermal Envelope

Chapter 10: Compliance Software Tools


Part A

Chapter 1. Why are we here?

Chapter 2. Building Science

Chapter 3. Compliance Paths

Chapter 4. Existing Buildings: Additions, Alterations, and Repairs

Chapter 5. Roles, Responsibilities, and Communication

Chapter 6. NYS vs. NYC: Present and Future

Part B

Chapter 7. Introduction to Commercial Energy Code

Chapter 8. Envelope Chapter 9. Lighting and Electrical Power

Chapter 10. Building Systems: Mandatory and Prescriptive

Chapter 11. Building Performance