Energy Aligned Clause

Energy savings isn't just about technology—sometimes it's about logistics.

Under many commercial leases, for instance, the burden for energy retrofits often falls on building owners, while tenants reap the benefits in energy savings. Meanwhile, tenants may be wary of agreeing to pay back for retrofits that might not create the energy savings that were predicted.

Enter the Energy Aligned Clause, which aims to help both sides share the cost and benefits of energy efficiency upgrades. PlaNYC has more information here.

Urban Green Council led the effort through mid-September 2012 to get the word out to the Commercial Real Estate industry. How? Mostly through presentations to brokers, tenants, owners, attorneys and related industry organizations. The Energy Aligned Clause Outreach was funded through generous support from NYSERDA, NRDC, EDF, REBNY, and The City of New York.

You can learn more in our presentation below or on our blog.