Inside 90 by 50: A Conversation with the Researchers

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Urban Green Council’s research report, 90 by 50, demonstrates that the emission reductions required to meet a 90 percent reduction by 2050 are possible using technologies that are known—and in most cases currently available—and that the cost is manageable from a citywide perspective.

This course features a conversation with Richard Leigh, the chief researcher and author of 90 by 50. It provides a glimpse into the building blocks of this innovative project and explains the relevance of the report in relation to NYC’s current climate plan, 80x50.


After this session, participants will understand:

  • The findings of the 90 by 50 report
  • The relevance of the 90 by 50 report to New York City's 80x50 Roadmap
  • Theunderlying assumptions that influenced the 90 by 50 report
  • Three or more examples of improvements envisioned by the 90 by 50 report


Richard W. Leigh, PhD, PE, LEED AP
Visiting Professor of Physics, Department of Mathematics and Science
Pratt Institute
With over 30 years of experience in energy efficiency and sustainability, Dick led Urban Green Council's research efforts for five years. He played a central role in the Green Codes Task Force, contributed to New York City's ban on #6 heating oil, oversaw There are Holes in Our Walls, led 90 by 50, directed building analysis for the 2013 Energy and Water Use Report and provided ongoing guidance on course content for GPRO. Dick also served as a Senior Engineer at the Community Environmental Center, where he provided technical leadership for energy efficiency projects in existing and new buildings. Earlier, he worked at Brookhaven National Laboratory on energy and solar technologies and national energy planning.

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