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Heat Pumps: What's Possible in NYC?

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How will the electrification of building systems play out at the building level?

One of the first answers: heat pumps for space heating.

In this course, energy audit expert Marc Zuluaga examines how the industry might transition to heat pump technology.

Marc provides a primer explaining what heat pumps are, why they deliver a carbon benefit, and some of the pros, cons and challenges of transitioning to heat pump technology.


After this session, participants will understand:

  • The benefits and challenges of heat pump technology
  • Several different heat pump configurations
  • How the design of buildings may change to accommodate heat pump technology
  • How the carbon benefit of heat pumps grows as the electric grid gets cleaner



Marc Zuluaga, PE
Vice President and Director of Multifamily Energy Services
Steven Winter Associates
Marc Zuluaga has directed energy audits on over 20 million square feet of existing buildings. He leads a team committed to applying rigorous technical approaches to the evaluation and implementation of a wide range of building upgrades. Zuluaga also manages an effort to measure the energy savings of over 100 retrofit projects, with the goal of developing data that will enable underwriters to rationally lend against future energy savings.

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Heat Pumps: What's Possible in NYC? | Urban Green Council


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