Episode 5: The Sustainable Future of the MTA




Listen to the fifth episode of Urban Green Live, hosted by Urban Green Council CEO John Mandyck. This livestreamed interview series features industry experts from NYC and around the globe to talk about solutions for a zero-carbon future.

On July 28, we were delighted to welcome Pat Foye, CEO & Chairman of the New York Metropolitan Transportation Authority, to the program. In this episode, Pat and John discuss the reopening plans for the MTA as well as the longer term vision for its reliability and sustainable operations.






Pat Foye
Chairman & CEO
The MTA is North America's largest transportation network, serving a population of 15.3 million people across a 5,000-square-mile travel area surrounding New York City through Long Island, southeastern New York State, and Connecticut. Pat oversees critical agency priorities and the agency’s day-to-day management. Under his leadership, Pat led the development and Board approval of the historic 2020-2024 Capital Program. As Chairman, he also guides the MTA’s major initiatives, including agency reform through Transformation, and ensuring major priority projects–such as One Metro New York and Positive Train Control–stay on track.
John Mandyck
Urban Green Council
John Mandyck joined Urban Green Council in 2018 as its first-ever CEO. He capped a 25-year career as Chief Sustainability Officer for United Technologies Corporation, a Fortune 45 global leader in the building, aerospace and food refrigeration industries. He also serves as a Visiting Scientist at the Harvard University T.H. Chan School of Public Health and an Adjunct Professor at the University of Connecticut School of Business. John is the founding chair of the Corporate Advisory Board for the World Green Building Council, a former board chair of Urban Green, and co-author of the book Food Foolish.