Video: Revitalizing Public Housing - Passive House for Social Housing

At Modern All Over Again, our annual conference on October 2, we convened an exceptional array of industry experts to discuss how to best revitalize and retrofit midcentury commercial buildings, public housing, and energy infrastructure in New York City. For the first time, we are sharing videos from those discussions.

In today’s installment, watch Revitalizing Public Housing (Part 2: Passive House for Social Housing) featuring Mark Elton (Sustainable By Design), a certified Passive House designer from the United Kingdom. Mr. Elton outlines the problem of aging social housing in the UK and the potential benefits of deep retrofits meeting Passive House EnerPHit standards—“do it once, do it well,” as Elton says. Watch the videos below to learn more about specific case studies Elton has executed involving over cladding and super insulation, then watch the discussion that followed the panel.

Mark Elton on Public Housing in the UK

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