Video: Renewing Midtown - Treat Each Building Like a Patient

At Modern All Over Again, our annual conference on October 2, we convened an exceptional array of industry experts to discuss how to best revitalize and retrofit midcentury commercial buildings, public housing, and energy infrastructure in New York City. For the first time, we are sharing videos from those discussions.

In today’s installment, Renewing Midtown - Part 3: Consider Each Patient Individually, Markus Schulte (Principal and New York Facade Group Leader, Arup) discusses strategies for retrofitting 1271 Avenue of the Americas (The Time Life Building), and the challenges presented by zoning regulations. “I would like to see code regulations incentivize owners to upgrade [buildings] and not penalize them. The energy savings opportunities are very large,” says Schulte. A detailed case study demonstrates how whole building energy modeling can be used as a tool to evaluate facade performance and how each “patient” is different. A whole-building energy model for 1271, for example, revealed that improved solar heat gain would only have provided energy savings of 1%. The reason? Shade from a neighboring building. Still, he says, modeling shows that overall energy savings in the building could be 40-50% over benchmark. Watch the full presentation and Q&A below.

Markus Schulte on Renewing Midtown

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