Video: Refurbishing Midcentury Icons - The Most Complex Energy Model Ever

At Modern All Over Again, our annual conference on October 2, we convened an exceptional array of industry experts to discuss how to best revitalize and retrofit midcentury commercial buildings, public housing, and energy infrastructure in New York City. For the first time, we are sharing videos from those discussions.

In today’s installment, Refurbishing Midcentury Icons (Part 3)—The Most Complex Energy Model Ever, Keith Fitzpatrick (Syska Hennessey Group) discusses the extensive challenges in benchmarking energy use at the United Nations headquarters and retrofitting the building systems of the Secretariat Building as part of the Capital Master Plan. While sustainability was a top goal of the project, security upgrades and historic preservation to both interior and exterior features complicated the project. And even once the building and its base building systems were dramatically improved by retrofits, Fitzpatrick says, there was still the question of plug load! Watch the video to hear about the sensitive investigative and political work involved in identifying how many U.N. department heads were using servers under their desks, and the move to a brand new, high-performance data center.


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