Under the hood of LEED



USGBC has launched the Pilot Credit Library.  It's a new system that allows LEED registered project teams to try proposed credits on for size, report their experience back to USGBC, and get an ID credit for their time and energy.  (Because the credits in question are in pilot and not technically part of the LEED standard you don't get a point for the credit itself.)

The set of six available credits includes some very interesting stuff; Life Cycle Assessment for materials, Dioxin & HOC reductions, and Integrated Design Process.  Read the full text of all six pilot credits here.

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Yetsuh Frank
Yetsuh is Director of the New York City office of YR&G. An architect, educator and writer, he has more than 15 years experience spearheading sustainability throughout the building industry.  Yetsuh was Director of Programs at Urban Green Council from 2008 to 2011.