Toxic Ghosts of the Near Past

Maybe it was too good to be true. When substances like PCBs and DDT were largely banned in the 1970's we witnessed a steep decline in their occurrence in our environment. A very real and very simple success story. But the story isn't over. The major concern with this class of pollutants is that they simply don't break down in the environment. In turns out that back when we were pumping volumes of this rubbish into our environment plenty of it was captured in glaciers. And as glaciers around the world retreat in the face of global warming these persistent nasties are being re-released into our environment.

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Yetsuh Frank
Yetsuh is Director of the New York City office of YR&G. An architect, educator and writer, he has more than 15 years experience spearheading sustainability throughout the building industry.  Yetsuh was Director of Programs at Urban Green Council from 2008 to 2011.