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2019 Summer Interns

Our summer interns Bailey Holloway, Jordane King-Burney, Lydia Vieth, Meaghan McElroy and Hajar Alrifai enjoy nice weather at Battery Park. 

Each semester, a handful of interns from an impressive applicant pool are selected to support our mission. Urban Green had five this summer, and we’d like to thank them for their valuable contributions and share some of the work they’ve done.

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Hajar is a third-year architecture student at the City College of New York with an interest in sustainable architecture and urban planning—both of which, she found, align closely with Urban Green’s work. “Urban Green’s mission felt incredibly relevant to my future career as an architect,” she said. “I knew this internship would allow me to immerse myself in learning about the actual practices and policies that drive urban sustainability.”

Hajar contributed to Urban Green’s Advancing Electrification project. Her favorite part of working at Urban Green? “Definitely the events! I’ve met so many interesting people from different fields; it has motivated me to continue pursuing an education in urban sustainability after this internship.”

What was your dream job as a kid? “A princess and part-time scientist. Very specific but not a bad combo, to be honest.”


Bailey is going into her senior year at the University of Oregon, majoring in International Studies with a concentration in Human Rights and minoring in Environmental Studies. “As the world continues to urbanize, making urban areas as clean, safe and green as possible is becoming increasingly important,” she said. “I believe that the world would be a better place if we all considered ourselves students and actually created the space for us to be constantly learning.”

Bailey helps with marketing and outreach for Urban Green’s education programs, including GPRO and Conquering the Energy Code. Her favorite part of working at Urban Green this summer was “meeting and working with so many professionals, and having so many opportunities to learn about different career paths in sustainability and nonprofits. I’m grateful to have met so many wonderful people!”

What was your dream job as a kid? “Professional soccer player and President of the United States.”


Jordane is going into her senior year as an architecture student at the City College of New York. She’s interested in sustainable design and passive energy envelope integration, which she first encountered while in Germany.

As the Public Programs Intern, Jordane helped execute a number of events, including our Retrofitting to Scale conference. “I’ve learned that everyone has to recognize that buildings, machinery, power sources and waste management all contribute to the world’s climate crisis.”

What was your dream job as a kid? “A big-time singer, until I recorded myself and played it back. I sounded a lot different than I did in my head. Very eye-opening, I saved a lot of people.”


Meaghan is a rising senior at Ithaca College, where she is a Journalism and Environmental Studies double major. “I’m interested in how people communicate science to other people, and I think urban sustainability is the ultimate challenge,” she said. “How do you communicate how such a massive landscape needs to change, while making sure stakeholder needs are addressed?”

As an intern for the Communications Team, Meaghan manages Urban Green’s social media channels and helped promote our events and programs. “I think Urban Green is filling an important gap in the sustainability field, and it was really cool to learn how a nonprofit communicates their mission.”

What was your dream job as a kid? “An inventor-cowgirl-writer — I’ve always been very indecisive.”


Lydia is a master’s candidate at NYU’s Center for Global Affairs, with a concentration in Energy and Environmental Policy. She learned about Urban Green in a class she took on energy management for building portfolios. “Buildings have to be a large part of sustainability solutions worldwide, so it’s really cool to see New York taking the initiative to make an impact in this area,” she said. “Urban Green’s ability to bring industry stakeholders together in such a substantial way was, and continues to be, really exciting to me.”

Lydia helps with research and analysis on the Policy Team, mostly focusing on Urban Green’s Advancing Electrification and Global Climate Efficiency Trading Initiatives. Her favorite part of working here this summer was definitely the people. “Everyone is so passionate about Urban Green’s mission,” she said. “It is really inspiring to be around people trying to make a difference every day!” Lydia will be continuing her internship with Urban Green this fall.

What was your dream job as a kid? “Astronaut. Luckily that dream had passed by the time I learned I was terrible at physics.”

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