Thank You Spring Interns!

Our interns are selected from a highly competitive pool of applicants, and play a key role in supporting a range of Urban Green initiatives and activities. In appreciation, we’d like to recognize the incredible spring interns who have dedicated their time to advancing sustainability in New York and share some of the work they’ve done so far.

Are you interested in becoming an Urban Green intern? Our Summer 2019 applications are now open! Check out our current listings over on the Jobs & Internships section of our site.

CHELSEA JEAN-MICHEL, Education Program Intern

Chelsea is a senior at Columbia University majoring in Sustainable Development with a concentration in French and Francophone Studies. “Sustainability is integral to ensuring a strong, healthy global and local society now and in the future,” she said. “I love being able to contribute to that vision.”

Chelsea helps with the outreach and delivery of our GPRO and Conquering the Energy Code programs. Her favorite part of working at Urban Green is what she’s learned on the job. “I really appreciate all of the knowledge that I’m getting about green building. I’ve been able to absorb so much material that I haven’t studied through my classes.”

Favorite type of bagel: “Plain bagel with cream cheese—but if we can get fancy, then I’ll have a plain bagel with eggs and cheddar cheese.”

KYRA WU, Development Intern

Kyra has interned at Urban Green since June 2018. She is currently a senior at New York University, concentrating in Global Politics, Rights, and Development with a minor in Environmental Studies. “I’ve always been very into the environment since a really young age—and after growing up and studying it more, it’s increasingly apparent that being more sustainable is our only way forward.”

As the Development Intern, Kyra works on many of our ongoing projects and planning initiatives. She is passionate about Urban Green’s mission, and believes that, “if we want to have any chance at actually tackling climate change, we have to start adapting ourselves and our environments to be more sustainable.” As for her favorite part about working at Urban Green? “The people and the mission!”  

Favorite type of bagel: “Honestly, plain bagels are my favorite. If I have to choose a topping, tofu veggie spread all the way!”

ISABELLA KLEMPRER, Public Programs Intern

Isabella is a junior at the New School, majoring in Environmental Studies and minoring in Literary Studies, and has interned at Urban Green since June 2018. She’s interested in sustainability because of the many opportunities to develop new ideas and find innovative ways to solve complex problems.

As the Public Programs Intern, Isabella primarily works on outreach and administration of our educational programs and events. “I have learned so much since I began working at Urban Green—both about green building and New York, as well as practical skills I can use every day. Also, the people are really great.”

Favorite type of bagel: “I like a lightly-toasted everything bagel with scallion cream cheese.”

ANJELICA DAVIS, Social Media and Marketing Intern

Anjelica is a senior at Fordham University, where she studies Comparative Literature and Digital Technologies and Emerging Media (DTEM). “I started to work in sustainability by accident—the first major internship I ever had was at an environmental nonprofit because they were the only place that summer that offered me a position. I ended up loving it so much that now I can’t imagine not working on sustainability in some way.”

Anjelica has worked at Urban Green since January 2019 and manages our social media presence. Her favorite part of working here is the focus. “Even though geographically we’re targeting a small area, given the population density and carbon emissions New York puts out every day it’s essential to address climate change in this region.”

Favorite type of bagel: “A toasted everything bagel with a ton of plain cream cheese, and maybe chives depending on my mood.”

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