Photos: Inside the VIA 57 West

The Bjarke Ingels Group’s radical design for the Durst Organization’s VIA 57 West apartment complex was intended to stand out structurally and functionally. Twenty of our members got a closer look at the VIA 57 and its various sustainability features from the outside in.

Sitting along the Hudson, the stainless-steel-skinned, tetrahedral building welcomes daylight into the residences and a central courtyard.

The centerpiece of the VIA is a courtyard with brick paths winding in oxbows around ferns, grasses, and small trees. Our members traversed layered stone steps similar to the ones that might be found four avenues away in Central Park.

Indoors, from playrooms and pools to poker rooms and a golf simulator, recreational amenities abound for residents of all ages.

Our members relaxed in one of the VIA’s one-bedroom model apartments filled with daylight and laid-back contemporary furnishings. Wood cabinetry throughout is FSC-certified.

Aside from the central courtyard, well-lit and inviting common areas like the residents’ lounges provide opportunities to meet fellow VIA-ers and host gatherings. In the New York Times, Bjarke Ingels described his expectations for the building to act as a “social condenser … a building where you get to know your neighbors.”

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