Panel Preview: 100 MW Solar By 2025

The Division of Energy Management (DEM), housed within the Department of Citywide Administrative Services, is working to install 100 megawatts (MW) of solar photovoltaic (PV) capacity across city-owned buildings. Hamid Lekic, a solar project manager at DEM, provided an inside look at incentivizing investment in renewable energy across city agencies and the private sector ahead of our panel discussion next Tuesday.

"The goals we’ve set and the initiatives we’re advancing to make 100 MW by 2025 a reality are impacting NYC agencies and the private industry in a few key ways—for example we’ve made great strides in working with Con Edison on solar PV interconnections to make these processes more routine for all customers. As solar PV in NYC continues to scale up, we are working to expedite the city’s processes to implement projects quickly and effectively.

Solar PV system completed at I.S. 204 in Long Island City, Queens.
Photo credit: NYC DCAS


We are advancing solar through multiple pathways, including capital projects with the New York Power Authority, Dormitory Authority of the State of New York, NYC Department of Design and Construction and the School Construction Authority. We are also currently in the contracting phase of a large-scale Power Purchase Agreement. By pursuing multiple avenues we allow both large and small solar developers and other trades and contractors to bid on the projects and thus expand the pool of entities that have experience working on solar power projects within NYC. In addition to basic rooftop solar, we are also kicking off solar + battery storage projects and solar parking lot canopies.


DEM is also advancing demonstration projects that will help us understand how innovative renewable energy technologies can be deployed across our portfolio to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and/or contribute to the resiliency of city facilities. Technologies under consideration include building integrated photovoltaics, wind projects, and combined heat and power systems for example. Selected technologies are then recommended for other suitable facilities within the city’s portfolio. DEM remains technologically agnostic and open to all forms of innovation that can help us achieve our goals. We strive to set the example within our own buildings so that both the public and private sector can turn to us to see what’s possible when installing renewable energy technologies in a dense urban landscape."

See a map of where projects have been completed around the boroughs and watch the video below for more information.

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Hamid Lekic
Hamid Lekic is an Energy Project Engineer in the Division of Energy Management at the NYC Department of Citywide Administrative Services.