NYSERDA Product Survey: What We Learned

Over the years, NYSERDA has invested significant resources into product R&D. To better serve the market and accelerate innovative solutions, Urban Green was asked in 2016 to help optimize these resources by determining which new products were in demand on the ground. We have since identified twenty product opportunities through discussions with building designers and owners.

This spring, Urban Green surveyed hundreds of industry experts to refine these opportunities, and identified a top ten list—and the finalists are:

  1. Comprehensive closure for passive vents
  2. Cost-competitive and low-conductivity window frames
  3. Fully thermally-broken mullions for curtain walls
  4. Efficient and compact heating and cooling for existing wall openings
  5. High-efficiency modular cooling units for commercial spaces
  6. Packaged condensing boilers for space heat and hot water
  7. Closed-cell foam that meets thermal and safety requirements
  8. Low-conductivity simple shelf angles
  9. Thermal breaks for slab edges and concrete slab balconies
  10. Air-to-water heat pumps tailored to NYS DHW retrofits

We are now conducting focus groups to supplement what we have learned. These groups will help us define specific performance requirements and structural parameters for each product, as well as explore possible market barriers. That information will allow us to model the energy impact of these products within New York State and create a pathway that will bring them to market.

If you have any questions about the project, please contact me via email at sb@urbangreencouncil.org. We look forward to sharing our final results later this year!

About the authors

Sean Brennan
Sean leads Urban Green’s Research team. He is responsible for identifying and executing studies that reveal industry trends and influence building design. He has worked in the energy and utility space for over 10 years and has specialized in building science and analysis. Sean has improved energy efficiency and asset maintenance programs at Pacific Gas & Electric and Sempra utilities in California.