February 2017 Member Spotlight

Name: Amanda Langweil
Title: Architect / Design Manager, Gensler
Educational Background: B. Arch from Drexel University / M. Arch from the University of Kansas
Urban Green Member since: 2007

Amanda Langweil holding a piece of glacier in Iceland

Meet Amanda Langweil

Veteran member of Urban Green Council (Happy 10-Year Anniversary), Amanda is now serving her third year on our Monthly Programs Committee (MPC). She recently joined Gensler as Design Manager and is responsible for managing workplace projects for Technology/Creative Class clients.

Amanda was introduced to green building after becoming a LEED AP in 2007, before she started the long process of completing her Architect Registration Exams. Subsequently, when the firm she worked at needed to deliver a LEED standard project, her training made her the perfect choice to head it. After that first project, she was hooked. She got involved with USGBC as a volunteer, received training to complete education reviews, and now sits on the USGBC Education and Events Committee as co-chair, and is a member of the LEED Pilot Credit Committee.

Journey to Urban Green

Spurred by her engagement at the national level, Amanda became an Urban Green Member to get involved locally. On the Monthly Programs Committee, she and other members design, plan and research our expert panels, green building tours, and briefings on the latest in urban sustainability. As a longtime member with USGBC experience, Amanda has brought valuable perspectives to the committee, and has helped diversify our programs to cover more industries and reach a broader base in New York City.

The NYC Landscape

In the past 10 years, Amanda has watched the NYC green building scene evolve and push the limits. She has seen the culture grow from individual firms implementing green building design based solely on proven results, to city-mandated requirements establishing a standard for all building projects. Amanda describes green building in the city as now “beyond LEED,” a point of view held by many in the Urban Green community and reflected in our programming. Amanda gets most excited about our building tours. Open to members only, these events offer attendees hands-on insights into pioneering projects happening across the city. Drawing on our expansive volunteer network, the tours add an essential dimension to understanding advances in green building on a human scale.

Beyond Urban Green

Amanda is an avid traveler – you’ll never catch her without her next trip planned. Last summer, she spent over a week in Iceland where, in addition to being struck by the country’s natural beauty, she witnessed firsthand the impact of climate change on a melting glacier (photo above). Next up, a trip this summer to Peru to see Machu Picchu!

Why Become a Member?

“Being a member of Urban Green, and working on the MPC, has allowed me to meet other industry experts, but also allowed me to get an insider look at some inspiring sustainable design projects in the city and beyond,” noted Amanda.

To anyone considering membership, Amanda can certainly vouch for the value of the 30-plus public programs offered annually, which members can attend for free or at a discounted rate. Our public programs have something for everyone, whether you are just getting your feet wet in the field or are a seasoned green building expert. Being a member means you’re always in the loop, and part of an active community that fosters learning beyond the event itself.

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