Energy is important, I'll grant you

The AIA has selected four 2009 Upjohn Research Initiative grants, here.

Each of the four grants deals at least tangentially with energy efficiency. Among the most interesting are efforts to create a Sustainability Index for urban developments and an Energy Efficiency Benchmark for Housing. The Responsive Field project, which involves temperature sensitive shape changing metal alloys, sounds a little too sci-fi but who knows, I guess superconductors and microchips sounded crazy at some point.  All of these projects bear watching over the next 18 months.

About the authors

Yetsuh Frank
Yetsuh is Director of the New York City office of YR&G. An architect, educator and writer, he has more than 15 years experience spearheading sustainability throughout the building industry.  Yetsuh was Director of Programs at Urban Green Council from 2008 to 2011.