Conference Prep #5: Greening the Glass Box

Our annual conference Modern All Over Again is just 2 days away! Industry experts will engage in a discussion of how to best deal with an aging stock of mid-century commercial buildings, public housing, and energy infrastructure in New York City. 

In preparation for a lively afternoon of presentations and conversation, we thought you might enjoy reading Greening The Glass Box––an article from the Mod, a journal that looks at the issue of vernacular Modern buildings in midtown Manhattan that “await repair or replacement.” This article summarizes a roundtable discussion led by Angel Ayón and Nina Rappaport that was convened by DOCOMOMO NY/Tri-State at Association for Preservation Technology annual conference in fall 2013. Participants included: Gordon Smith; Robert Heintges; Israel Berger; and Pamela Jerome.

Download the article, and see the full journal issue here.

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