Conference Prep #3: Chicago - Vintage Restored

At Modern All Over Again, our annual conference on October 2nd, industry experts will discuss how to best deal with aging mid-century commercial buildings, public housing, and energy infrastructure in New York City. In the weeks leading up to the conference, we will share reports and articles that explore the unique challenges faced by buildings constructed during the 1950s and 60s from a variety of perspectives.

This week, we’re featuring a recent article by Dan McLaughlin from the ASHRAE Journal that outlines a comprehensive retrofit of a 1962 vintage office building in downtown Chicago, Illinois. Mid-century office buildings in cities across the country are all facing similar challenges to refresh their look and feel, and bring their building performance overall into the 21st century. In this case, the façade was left untouched and all the work was done internally––while the building was occupied! An energy audit of the building had identified ten energy conservation opportunities including installation of high-efficiency boilers, an upgrade of the existing chilled water plant, and installation of a building automation system, among other projects. We were particularly interested and impressed to see that by taking out perimeter floor-mounted induction units and putting in ceiling mounted chilled beams in their place, the overall usable square footage of the building was increased, noise levels were reduced in individual office and the spaces were all more appealing.  

Download the article to learn more.

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