Can NYS Power the (REV)olution?

On April 20, John Rhodes, CEO of NYSERDA and Urban Green Board Member, will join us at 32BJ for a talk on Governor Cuomo’s groundbreaking energy initiative, Reforming the Energy Vision (REV). As one of the leaders of REV, Rhodes provides a unique perspective on how REV’s ambitious goals translate into policies and initiatives, as well as the role that individuals and organizations will play.


REV dares to transform New York’s energy grid—which has been largely unchanged since the 19th century—to create a resilient, distributed and clean system. REV takes a systemic approach to change by incentivizing innovation and minimizing risk for suppliers, reducing cost and increasing choice for consumers and investing in workforce development to meet industry needs.


One of the main goals of REV is to reduce building energy consumption by 23 percent from 2012 levels by 2030. With New York investing over $5 billion through NYSERDA’s Clean Energy Fund (CEF) to achieve these goals, building owners and operators have an extraordinary opportunity to benefit from available grants, financing and consulting, as well as long-term energy savings.

The state is leading the way through initiatives such as BuildSmart NY, which invests in energy efficiency across state government buildings and universities. Incentives of up to $2.5 billion are available for combined heat and power system installations. Multi-family building owners and managers can also apply for financing and consulting for energy efficiency upgrades with a guarantee of 25 percent energy savings.


One initiative through CEF, the Workforce Development and Training Investment Plan, is particularly relevant to both Urban Green Council and our event host, 32BJ SEIU.  In the next five years, 20 percent of the building operations and maintenance workforce is expected to retire. In order to fill the gap left by retirees and ensure the workforce is up to pace with new advances in technology, CEF has committed to investing over $6.5 million in training for building operations and maintenance workers. Designing trainings to match industry needs will ensure employees remain competitive in this rapidly advancing field.

By advancing clean energy goals through supply, demand, and workforce development, REV is shaking up New York’s energy economy. To learn more or find out how REV might impact your business, join us on April 20 for Reforming the Energy Vision: A Conversation with John Rhodes.

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