Scale Global Solutions

Urban Green Council collaborates with global cities and international organizations to share and scale the best climate solutions.

With the passage of NYC’s groundbreaking building emissions law and the state’s Green New Deal, New York is committed to drastically reducing its carbon emissions. But with $3 trillion in insured coastal property, New York remains vulnerable to the effects of climate change unless cities around the world follow suit. 

In 2019, we expanded our reach by partnering with international organizations including WorldGBC and UKGBC on forums for cities to exchange ideas and share best practices. To inform the NYC building carbon trading study required by the emissions law, Urban Green launched the Global Climate Efficiency Trading Initiative with five global peer cities. This first-ever collaboration will utilize Urban Green’s Trading Report to inform building carbon trading policies in their cities.


  • Partnering with the green building councils representing Hong Kong, London, Singapore and Toronto to share findings from our trading report and co-convene experts in those cities to evaluate trading feasibility.
  • Advancing partnerships with international organizations such as the World Green Building Council to increase our reach beyond NYC.
  • Sharing climate solutions with green building councils and global peer cities through our Global Exchanges event series.


  • Created a building carbon trading policy menu for NYC and cities around the world.
  • Hosted a series of events and webinars in partnership with organizations like UK Green Building Council, World Green Building Council, the Berlin Chamber of Commerce and the Canadian Consulate.
  • Discussed global carbon trends with Davina Rooney of the Australia Green Building Council on Urban Green Live, our interview show with Urban Green CEO John Mandyck.
  • Our report, Worldwide Lessons, compared and contrasted green building policies and best practices in Frankfort, London, Singapore and Sydney to identify key takeaways for NYC.