Bring the Retrofit Market To Scale

Nearly 85 percent of existing buildings are likely to be with us in 2050, so driving down their energy use is essential to addressing climate change. Urban Green uses all its levers – education, policy and research – to reach this formidable goal.

Anyone who has ever lived in a typical New York City apartment or worked in a New York office knows that we’re wasting energy—windows open in the dead of winter, buildings ablaze with light in the dead of night. Opportunities to save energy and money while moving away from fossil fuels stare us down every day.

Fortunately, retrofits in New York City are about to expand on an unprecedented scale thanks to legislation enacted by the City of New York, Local Law 97 of 2019. The law, which incorporates many of Urban Green’s Blueprint for Efficiency recommendations, sets strict carbon emissions limits for the city’s largest buildings. Our market analysis forecasts that this legislation could lead to a new $20 billion retrofit market. Urban Green is committed to providing the building industry with the knowledge and resources they need to meet this challenge.

And the challenge is this: we know how to retrofit and electrify buildings, and we have many great examples to draw from. But knowing how to fix inefficiencies one building at a time is far different than tackling million-plus buildings in New York City.


  • Answering tough questions about building electrification that will help NYC reach 80x50.
  • Providing up-to-date analyses of the energy use of the city’s benchmarked buildings.
  • Delivering training on the more stringent 2020 Energy Code across NY State.