Advance Sustainable Building Policy

Our policy work drives green building progress in New York City and beyond. By improving codes, we can make every current and future building more sustainable. By engaging key stakeholders, we fashion energy and climate solutions that work for the environment and the bottom line. Our efforts have helped transform New York City’s green building landscape and shaped the building code to be among the most efficient and resilient in the nation.

In addition, Urban Green led two blue ribbon commissions, The Green Codes Task Force and The Building Resiliency Task Force, on behalf of the City of New York. We co-chaired the  Mayor’s One City: Built to Last Technical Working Group with the Real Estate Board of New York. And we continue to convene NYC's leading building and energy stakeholders through the 80x50 Buildings Partnership.

We’re also expanding our thought leadership and advocacy at the state level. As we have in NYC, we connect the real estate industry with program planning and design, creating policies that are high-impact and cost-effective for the state.

Finally, we’re working to develop next-generation policies to meet the city’s energy and climate goals—with smart, innovative policy solutions, New York City and State will remain at the forefront of green building.


  • Implementing the Blueprint for Efficiency to cut carbon in NYC's large buildings
  • Developing a roadmap to advance electrification in multifamily buildings
  • Advancing other 80x50 efficiency policies for new and existing buildings
  • Unlocking efficiency in the city’s landmarked buildings
  • Improving efficiency in the city’s steam-powered buildings