Advance Sustainable Building Policy

Our policy work drives green building progress in New York City and around the world. By improving codes, we can make every current and future building more sustainable. By engaging stakeholders, we fashion energy and climate solutions that work for the environment, communities and the bottom line. Our efforts have helped transform New York City’s building policies to be among the most efficient and resilient in the nation.

Urban Green Council has been the driving force behind NYC green building and energy policy for the last decade. Whether as a thought leader, convener, technical expert, code-writer, or communicator, Urban Green’s imprint can be seen on virtually all of the city’s major environmental developments. Many of these innovative programs or ideas have later been adopted by other cities.

Urban Green brings a deep understanding of building energy and carbon performance from direct experience and extensive stakeholder engagement from building owners, operators, designers and energy management professionals. Most recently the 80X50 Buildings Partnership convened by Urban Green brought together over 40 of NYC’s leading building and energy stakeholders to create the Blueprint for Efficiency.

The city subsequently passed a groundbreaking building emissions policy, Local Law 97, which includes a number of Blueprint elements including a green power purchase option; a provision for carbon trading between buildings; and future refinement of the law through an advisory board process.

In addition, Urban Green led two blue ribbon commissions, The Green Codes Task Force and The Building Resiliency Task Force after Superstorm Sandy on behalf of the City of New York.

Given our long track record on creating effective and impactful building policy, we will continue to play a critical role LL97 implementation.


  • Sharing our building climate efficiency trading policy menu with NYC lawmakers and global partners.
  • Convening the city’s carbon trading study stakeholder group.
  • Providing input to Local Law 97 implementation through Advisory Board Working Groups.
  • Advancing multifamily electrification policies outlined in our Going Electric Report.
  • Promoting initiatives to green NYC’s electricity grid so buildings can help meet carbon goals.
  • Improving efficiency in the city’s steam-powered buildings.