Water Conservation Innovation in New York City

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Approved for 1.5 credits
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While great progress has been made in the effort to conserve NYC’s water supply, we must pursue additional methods of conservation as the city’s population continues to grow.

This panel will examine harvested rainwater and treated wastewater techniques that could be effective in NYC, discuss NYC-specific barriers to scale, and evaluate future market demand.

Alan Cohn
Managing Director, Integrated Water Management, NYC Department of Environmental Protection

Alan is Managing Director of Integrated Water Management at the NYC Department of Environmental Protection, where he leads initiative to prepare water systems for climate change and population growth. He represents NYC on the Water Utility Climate Alliance, which provides leadership and collaboration on climate change issues affecting the country's water agencies. Alan has also contributed to several sustainability plans including One Water NYC: 2018 Water Demand Management Plan, Cloudburst Resiliency Planning Study, PlaNYC: A Stronger, More Resilient New York, Wastewater Resiliency Plan, Comprehensive Waterfront Plan, and Green Infrastructure Plan.

Ed Clerico
CEO Emeritus/Founder, Natural Systems Utilities

Clerico is a Licensed Professional Engineer and entrepreneur who designs, builds and operates water and wastewater systems. Natural Systems Utilities operates 200 decentralized systems in the US—seven of which are in NYC—and is the recognized leader in decentralized non-potable water reuse systems. Previously, he held executive roles with American Water as Technical Development Director and VP of Strategy, and he recently served on the Water Reuse Foundation’s expert panel which prepared the Risk Based Framework for Decentralized Non-potable Water Systems.

Hershel Weiss, CiPE, MLP, LEED
Chief Engineer, Ashokan Water Services

Weiss is both a plumbing engineer and master-licensed plumber. He currently serves on NYC Plumbing Code Adoption Committee, and he is a past President of the American Society of Plumbing Engineers (ASPE- NYC) and member of the Mayor’s Green Building Task Force. Weiss founded Ashokan Water Services in 1997 to create water conservations solutions for New York City’s water-guzzling buildings while preserving our fragile watershed.

Erik D. Eibert, PE
Assistant Director, Sustainable Initiatives , The New School

Erik is an advocate of the need for business to lead on issues of shared societal and global environmental concern. He currently leads sustainability initiatives at The New School aimed at reducing the campus energy, water, and waste footprint, and operates a small organic vineyard in his hometown of Skaneateles, NY. Eibert earned a BS in Biological Engineering and M.Eng. in Mechanical Engineering from Cornell, and is pursuing a sustainability-focused MBA at Yale.

Miranda Gardiner
Director of Business Development and Partnerships, Code Green Solutions

CodeGreen believes that sustainability and energy management are critically important tenets of good business practice, and the organizations that recognize this and take action will have an increasing financial, societal, and global advantage in the market. Miranda’s portfolio ranges from research of corporate water footprinting and review of financing options for energy efficient homes to sustainable master plans. She has worked for internationally recognized organizations, such as the US Green Building Council and KfW, and within city governments in Germany and the UAE.