Stormwater Strategies: Improving On-Site Retention in NYC

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Throughout the majority of New York City, wastewater, rainwater, and street runoff are collected in combined sewer systems to be treated. During heavy rainstorms, these sewers receive higher volumes of water, and treatments plants are unable to handle the excess. As a result, a mix of stormwater and untreated wastewater is discharged into the City’s surrounding bodies of water. To help protect our waterways, NYC’s Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) recently revised its stormwater rules for new development and redevelopment in combined sewer areas. The new performance standard greatly reduces allowable peak discharges of stormwater by requiring greater on-site storage and slower release to the sewer system.

This panel discussion will feature Angela Licata, NYCDEP’s Deputy Commissioner for Sustainability, Michael Nilson of Langan Engineering, and Jeff Miles of Kiss + Cathcart Architects. Angela will explain the new stormwater rules, while Michael and Jeff will explore innovative methods they have used to manage on-site stormwater in numerous NYC developments.

James Garin
Director of Engineering, NYC Department of Environmental Protection

As the Director of Engineering with the New York City Department of Environmental Protection, Bureau of Water and Sewer Operations, James manages the bureau’s $500 Million annual budget. Meaning, he initiates and/or assigns funding for all of the water and sewer capital projects in the City of New York. James plans and develops projects for separate storm and sanitary sewer systems citywide, which will reduce flows to treatment plants and minimize combine sewer overflows (CSO) into the surrounding water bodies.

Angela Licata
Deputy Commissioner for Sustainability, NYC Department of Environmental Protection

Angela brings over 20 years of experience working with the DEP to this role and has had the opportunity to work with all aspects of the operation. In her current position, she oversees the Bureau of Environmental Planning and Analysis, the Bureau of Environmental Compliance, and the Office of Green Infrastructure. Angela is responsible for more than 25 major initiatives of NYCDEP’s Strategy 2011-2014, including strategies for stormwater management, restoring wetlands habitat, and improving air quality and public health in NYC

Jeff Miles
Associate Principal, Kiss + Cathcart, Architects

Jeff is a registered architect with over 30 years of practical experience in the profession, including three years at a suburban civil engineering firm. He has worked at several prominent NYC firms on diverse and large scale projects and is currently a project designer and manager at Kiss + Cathcart, Architects in Brooklyn. Jeff has designed the sustainable water strategies (incorporating stormwater detention, retention and re-use) for numerous projects including Bushwick Inlet Park, Remsen Yard Facility, and Bronx River House.

Michael Nilson
Senior Project Manager, Langan Engineering

Michael’s expertise is in land development and site engineering, of which a key component is hydrologic and hydraulic analyses, and stormwater management design and permitting. He is a technical expert in stormwater regulations of New York State DEC and DEP. Michael manages a team of engineers and a portfolio of public and private sector projects that must demonstrate compliance with DEP stormwater regulations. His design expertise includes retention and detention systems, green roofs, stormwater recharge and reuse systems, and green infrastructure

Jaime Stein
Head of Sustainable Environmental Systems Program, Pratt Institute, School of Architecture

Jaime is a practiced sustainability consultant with over 12 years of experience advocating for sustainable communities. In her role at Pratt Institute, she directs a Master of Science program in sustainability studies, environmental design, science, and policy. Her current academic research focuses on green infrastructure and sustainability planning for NYC manufacturers and small businesses. She serves as the chair of the NYCDEP’s Green Infrastructure Workforce Development Committee and is a member of Urban Green’s Monthly Programs Committee.


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