Passive House: Barriers and Pathways to Scale

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From a design perspective, it is feasible to implement Passive House in NYC's high rise buildings. So what is stopping developers from taking the plunge and pursuing such projects? How much risk (real & perceived) is there for a developer to pursue a PH project? Are PH projects more daunting to a contractor?

This event will describe how NYC can overcome existing barriers in getting to the next level—implementing Passive House at scale. Attendees will walk away with knowledge of the best practices to educate their clients pursuing Passive House projects, as well as an understanding of the feasibility of scaling this effort.


Principal, Director of Sustainability, FXCollaborative Architects LLP

Actively engaged in the advancement of sustainable design, Judah leads FXCollaborative’s in-house sustainability workgroup, which researches and disseminates information about developments in the field. She is also responsible for employee LEED, WELL and Passive House accreditation and spearheads sustainability training and education for staff and clients. A recognized industry lead with more than two decades of experience, she is a frequent speaker, critic and juror on sustainable and resilient design. She serves on the Board of Directors of New York Passive House and is an active member on several municipal and national sustainability initiatives.

Ryan Cassidy
Director of Properties, RiseBoro

Ryan Cassidy is the Director of Properties for RiseBoro Community Partnership (formerly Ridgewood Bushwick Senior Citizens Council), where he oversees the operation of over 1,800 units of affordable housing in nearly 200 buildings. He has also developed and monitored the construction of over 1,000 units of affordable housing. His development experience ranges from two-family home ownership programs to large multi-family complexes with retail and community facility components. Cassidy supervised the construction of the first multi-family affordable Passive Houses in NYC and is a PHIUS Certified Passive House Consultant.

James Hannah
Vice President, Client Energy Services, Bright Power

James is the Vice President of Client Energy Services at Bright Power. He advises local, regional and national multifamily property owners, managers and lenders on how to best deploy energy efficiency, solar energy, cogeneration and green building features across their portfolios and in their development projects. He has helped his clients implement energy projects under a number of different structures including power purchase agreements, debt financing and outright purchases. To date, Hannah has consulted on or lead the development of energy efficiency retrofit projects totaling over $30 million in project costs, solar PV and thermal projects totaling over 5 MW in capacity and cogeneration projects totaling over 2.5 MW in size.

Ken Levenson, RA
Partner, 475 High Performance Building Supply

Ken is a registered architect and COO at 475 High Performance Building Supply (475), a company dedicated to providing products that help transform green building into high-performance building across the US. 475 is not only the best source for essential components but a thought leader in high-performance building. Products include air sealing and vapor control components by Pro Clima, through-wall high efficiency ventilation units by Lunos, skylights by Fakro and LAMILUX, solar tubes by Lightways and the Passive House Planning Package (PHPP) by the Passive House Institute. Ken is also president of NY Passive House, a nonprofit dedicated to promoting the Passive House standard, and a founding volunteer of the American Passive House Network. Ken regularly lectures on the Passive House standard and building science.


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