It's Electrifying: Converting Heating Systems

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To learn more about this topic, read the recap on our blog and check out panelist Ian Shapiro's post on Facilitiesnet, "Are Air Source Heat Pumps Worth A Closer Look?"


The second installment of our It’s Electrifying series explores the promise and practical barriers to electrifying heating systems in multifamily buildings.

As buildings of the future begin to be powered by electricity, heating plants might need to move out of the basement and instead be distributed throughout the building via heat pumps.

How do architects design for this? What are the implications for tenant-landlord relationships and building operations? Do buildings have the necessary electrical infrastructure? Attendees will learn the latest thinking on heat pump technology and explore the opportunities and challenges for new and existing buildings.

Learn more about Urban Green's Electrification Series, a multi-format exploration of the role that electrifying building systems will play in meeting 80x50.​

Mike Brusic
Technical Director, Bright Power

Michael Brusic serves as a senior technical guide on Bright Power's engineering team, leveraging his experience with distributed generation, energy storage, HVAC and building envelope and controls. Brusic also works closely with Bright Power's energy management clients, providing specialized troubleshooting, assistance in capital and strategic planning, and operations and maintenance consulting. He is a member of ASHRAE and ASME and an adjunct professor at New York University, where he teaches at the Schack Institute of Real Estate

Ian Shapiro
Chairman, Taitem Engineering

Ian Shapiro founded Taitem Engineering in Ithaca, NY, where he does research, design and consulting in green buildings. He is the co-author of Green Building Illustrated (2014) and Energy Audits and Improvements for Commercial Buildings (2016). Shapiro is a licensed engineer in the states of New York, Connecticut, Pennsylvania. He has twice been trained by Al Gore through the Climate Reality Project, most recently in October 2017.

Joe Novella
Managing Member, Green Star Energy Solutions

Joe Novella is the founder and CEO of Green Star Energy Solutions, an NYC regional building performance contracting firm specializing in the design and installation of air source heat pumps, heat recovery ventilation systems and high-performance building enclosures. Green Star has installed over 1,000 heat pump systems from NYC to Boston and is currently working with developers on both new construction and retrofit projects. Novella has also advised NYSERDA on their Renewable Heat NY program.

Mark Ginsberg, FAIA, LEEDAP
Partner, Curtis & Ginsberg Architects LLP

Mark Ginsberg is a partner of Curtis + Ginsberg Architects LLP with over 33 years of professional experience in planning, urban design, institutional and housing projects. His expertise is in affordable and mixed-income housing. Ginsberg has led C+GA’s efforts on developments that comprise well over 10,000 units of housing, most of which are affordable and sustainable.


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