Grid Ready: Powering NYC's All-Electric Buildings

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For New York City to reach the city-mandated goal of reducing emissions 80 percent by 2050, we must electrify most of our energy use. This challenging transition will require a new generation of technologies, from electric cars to heat pumps. But there is a critical underlying issue that must be addressed concurrently: Is our grid ready to power this new way of life? 

Our latest research report, Grid Ready: Powering NYC's All-Electric Buildings, takes the first step in answering that question. Come find out how we developed a model to forecast building electrification’s impact on NYC and its local grid. Hear from experts, including NYSERDA President and CEO Doreen Harris, about our findings and what they mean for New York’s buildings. We’ll also have a panel discussion to answer your questions about NYC’s grid, building electrification and how we can plan for a winter peak.

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Doreen Harris
President and CEO, NYSERDA

Vicki Kuo
Vice President, Energy Efficiency and Distributed Resource Planning, Con Edison

Sean Brennan
Director of Research, Urban Green Council

Donovan Gordon
Director of Clean Heating & Cooling, NYSERDA

James Perakis
Associate Principal, Elementa Engineering

John Mandyck
CEO, Urban Green Council