Greening the Grid: Grid Friendly Buildings

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As more renewables come online, the power going through the grid will become more diversified and intermittent. To adapt, buildings will need to store energy and shift loads to maintain the reliability of buildings and the grid. 

Many strategies to do this already exist. Energy storage technology is quickly improving—capacity is increasing and costs are decreasing. A combination of passive design strategies, controls, photovoltaics and a battery system will improve a building’s resilience. This combination can shift loads to overcome the challenges of a low-carbon grid. 

Join Urban Green and the New Buildings Institute on February 27, where panelists will discuss how these strategies are used in existing projects and analyze hypothetical scenarios to explore the strategies’ current limits. They’ll also discuss how to identify the optimal mix of strategies for critical facilities and general office buildings. This is the second event in our Greening the Grid series, which looks at critical topics related to making NYC’s grid more sustainable.

Ralph DiNola
CEO, New Buildings

Ralph DiNola is the CEO of New Buildings Institute, a national nonprofit based in Portland, Oregon that is shaping the future with innovation, research, design guidance, and advanced building energy policy. For more than 25 years Ralph has served as an advisor and consultant to developers, governments and Fortune 500 companies seeking quantum advances in their building practices and projects. He was founding Board Chair of the International Living Future Institute and is currently focusing on getting zero energy buildings to scale and supporting advanced jurisdictions as they seek to achieve their climate goals through transformation of the building sector.


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