The Future of Domestic Hot Water in New York City

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As buildings in New York City become more reliant on renewable and stored energy, air source heat pump (ASHP) domestic hot water systems will likely become more prevalent in multifamily buildings over the coming decades. These systems have specific challenges, including:

  • What are the technological barriers? Do any seem insurmountable? 

  • How well can new hot water equipment interface with existing piping and infrastructure?
  • How does solar thermal fit in? Is there a future for combined thermal / PV panels in the NYC market?
  • Can heat pumps entirely replace conventional hot water heaters, or will back-up systems be needed?

Learn more about Urban Green's Electrification Series, a multi-format exploration of the role that electrifying building systems will play in meeting 80x50.


Nicole Ceci, PE
Principal Mechanical Engineer, Steven Winter Associates

As a principal engineer in the Multifamily Group at Steven Winter Associates, Nicole Ceci assists clients to meet energy savings goals in New York, New Jersey, Washington DC, Massachusetts and Connecticut. Since joining SWA, Ceci has completed sustainability services for over 30 million square feet of multifamily buildings. In addition to working with physical buildings, she has also completed city-wide studies on New York City energy usage performance for NYCEEC and Fannie Mae, and she advises the Mayor’s Office of Sustainability on data-driven approaches to policies promoting multifamily sector energy savings.

Jared Rodriguez
Assistant Director, Energy Utilities Conservation, LeFrank Organization

Jared Rodriguez is an Assistant Director at Realty Operations Group, a shared services organization focused on expanding and managing the residential and commercial real estate portfolio of the LeFrak Organization. He focuses on sustainability and resiliency, energy conservation and master planning, infrastructure and new project development. Rodriguez is responsible for several large-scale, on-site distributed energy generation projects in New York and New Jersey, including the largest multifamily rooftop PV installation in New York State.

Neil Skidell
Managing Director, Green Solutions, The PAR Group, Representative, The Plumbing Foundation City of New York, Inc.

The Managing Director of Green Solutions, the PAR Group, and The Plumbing Foundation of New York, Neil J. Skidell is an expert in the application of technology to solve energy and water conservation, generation and utilization challenges. The PAR Group is New York’s preeminent provider of plumbing, heating & air conditioning, fire protection and green solution services. The Plumbing Foundation is a nonprofit association of licensed contracting firms, engineering associations, manufacturers and suppliers whose mission is to ensure the public health through the enactment and enforcement of safe plumbing codes.

Nick Shaw
New York Product Specialist, 475 High Performance Building Supply

Nick Shaw is the New York Product Specialist for 475 High Performance Building Supply, which helps make durable, resilient, ecological and energy-efficient buildings that optimize occupant comfort and health by providing knowledge and materials that are essential to high-performance buildings. Shaw is a PHIUS certified Passive House Consultant and Builder, with a background in integrated design-build projects.



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