Episode 15 | Carbon Disclosure: Follow the Money

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Episode 15 | Carbon Disclosure: Follow the Money

How can financial transparency advance the fight against climate change?

The U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission recently proposed a new federal rule that would require all publicly traded companies to disclose climate risks and carbon emissions. The rule is especially transformative for banks and financial institutions, which would have to report the carbon impacts of loans with far-reaching implications that were recently covered in a Harvard Business Review article by Urban Green CEO John Mandyck.

On June 22, join us for a new episode of Urban Green Live, in which John will be interviewed by guest host Ellen Honigstock, Urban Green’s Director of Education. They’ll dive into this proposed rule and its impact for buildings and the global climate movement.

John Mandyck
CEO, Urban Green Council

John Mandyck joined Urban Green Council in 2018 as its first-ever CEO. He capped a 25-year career as Chief Sustainability Officer for United Technologies Corporation, a Fortune 45 global leader in the building, aerospace and food refrigeration industries. He also serves as a Visiting Scientist at the Harvard University T.H. Chan School of Public Health and an Adjunct Professor at the University of Connecticut School of Business. John is the founding chair of the Corporate Advisory Board for the World Green Building Council, a former board chair of Urban Green, and co-author of the book Food Foolish.

Ellen Honigstock
Director of Education, Urban Green Council

Ellen Honigstock is responsible for Urban Green Council’s public programs about a wide range of leading-edge topics that move the building energy industry forward. Ellen is also responsible for Urban Green’s signature educational programs including GPRO, a national green building certificate program for contractors, trades, building managers and operators and Crushing the Energy Code, for architects and engineers. Under Ellen’s direction, Urban Green has trained over 30,000 workers from all sectors of the industry. Ellen has over 30 years of experience as an architect and was a committee chair of the NYC Green Codes Task Force. Ellen is also a co-founder of Solarize Brooklyn, the first Solarize program in New York City.