Energy and Climate Analysis Tools for Architects

Continuing Education Credits

Approved for 6 LU/ 6 HSW
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This Cross-Learning Alliance workshop is designed to help architects improve their analysis and modeling skills. With a hands-on approach towards environmental design questions, participants can follow along with the creation of customized climate graphics in the Grasshopper visual scripting interface. In doing so, participants will learn early design workflows to quickly inform projects seeking to minimize energy use, improve occupant thermal experience, and reduce the first cost of heating/cooling equipment. Such hands-on approaches will be balanced with a review of fundamental energy modeling principles. This review will grant participants literacy with key visualizations derived from energy models, which not only help communicate their underlying assumptions but also help interpret their results into useful conclusions for design.

Participants will receive in-depth knowledge and hands-on experience related to:

  • The purposes and aims of energy modeling
  • Overview of basic energy modeling principles
  • The “world of metrics” and choosing the right study for the right purpose
  • Interpretations of common energy modeling graphics
  • How to interpret climate into useful design criteria and generate climate-related graphics
  • Analysis of building massing
  • Construction of a Test-Box energy model
  • Walkthrough of additional examples with Q & A, including the generation of graphics for client meetings and marketing to the public


*As a Cross-Learning Alliance event, member prices are available to ASHRAE, AIA and Urban Green Members. Contact with questions.