Design Leadership Forum

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The Design Leadership Forum will address the proliferation of green rating systems and their complexities:

Are there too many rating systems, and are clients confused by the number and complexities of those systems?
Are green rating systems helping to produce more environmentally responsible designs?
Have updated building codes rendered green rating systems less relevant? 

The Forum is a new voice for harnessing the wisdom of New York City’s best design thinkers and practitioners. Through a series of workshops and published findings, the Forum brings the unique perspective of our industry to bear on critical issues facing the city, especially as they relate to climate change.

This event will combine brief presentations by three thought leaders (below) followed by a facilitated discussion. The consensus from this forum will be published in a white paper and communicated to leading certification organizations.

Please note, this event is invitation-only.

John Lee
Deputy Director for Green Buildings and Energy Efficiency, Mayor’s Office of Sustainability

Patrick Philips
CEO, Urban Land Institute

Scot Horst
CEO, Arc Skoru, Inc.