Demystifying Steam

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Steam radiator

Photo by Steven Winter Associates, Inc.

In New York City, over 80 percent of large residential buildings are heated by steam. However, many steam heating systems run inefficiently, which results in wasted heat and uneven temperatures. This means we’re burning through significant amounts of gas and oil to keep New Yorkers uncomfortable.

Fixing steam heating systems from boilers to radiators can save money, reduce carbon emissions, and increase comfort in our buildings. How far can improving these systems get us on our way to 80x50? What is steam distribution’s future role in our buildings?

This event will highlight key findings from Urban Green’s latest research and tackle pressing questions that directly affect New York City policy makers, consultants, boiler engineers and contractors, and building owners. 



Mohawk Group

125 W 25th Street, 6th Floor
New York, New York 10001

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